Little Ninjas

The Little Ninjas program is specifically designed for kids 4–6 years old. Our goal is to define and refine gross motor skills to set them up for the more advanced skills in the future.

By teaching a child how to control their body and mind, it puts them on a more successful path for the future. We believe the best way to produce these results is placing daily, weekly, and monthly goals in front of them. With constant motivation and small successes along the way, each Little Ninja learns how to work hard and achieve their goals. Plus they are going to have an awesome time “Just Doing It”


Junior Ninjas

The Junior Ninjas program is built for kids 7–11 years old. Junior Ninjas has all the best components of Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Tumbling, and Free-running all built into one program. Our curriculum is broken down into daily, weekly, and monthly blocks in order to build each child’s confidence  while continuing to build on  their growth.

Every success in life begins with the confidence that it can be achieved. With our program, your child gets a first-hand experience getting motivated, working hard to build the confidence, and eventually achieving the goal. With that template of success built in every child at such a young age, the possibilities for success, later in life, are endless.

Building positive youth is the goal. Challenging and exciting classes is our tool. Sending a happy, motivated Ninja home with you is our reward.


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